Heavy-duty Holaras silage compactor set to work on UK clamps

Norfolk-based dealer WM Agri has taken on the Holaras franchise, with an eye on selling its silage clamp equipment across the UK.

The MES Leveller comes with two hydraulic independent side wings to help on the clamp and fold the machine down to 3m for transport.

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Width starts at 4.3m and tops out at 5.7m, and the machines can be three-point linkage or loader mounted.

A 4.7×1.15m rear-folding model starts at £6,800.


MES Leveller

The Stego-Pro compactor is 2.85m wide with the option of hydraulic folding 1m extensions or a 50cm offset to put pressure on the shoulders of the clamp without driving perilously close to the walls.

The roller consists of 12 90cm-diameter rings and weighs 1,465kg.

This can be upped with three extra 300kg suitcase weights or by filling the packer with 1,000kg of sand or water.

Prices for the Stego-Pro start at £6,200.



The party piece of the Holaras silaging range is the Viking Grass Spreader, which comprises two large rotors to spread grass evenly across a 6m width.

This can be pto or hydraulically driven to allow it to be put on a tractor or loader and the gearboxes are rated to 600hp.

Hydraulically operated arms control the width of spreading and the option of a front-mounted grass fork means tipped trailer loads can be pushed up the clamp like normal.

Prices for the Viking start at £15,750.

Video courtesy of Holaras: