LAMMA 2007 show in-brief

Below is a round-up of some of the other machinery stories that made the news from this year’s LAMMA show. Click here for the headline stories and pictures.

Briggs JCB pump thumbPrototype irrigation pump from Briggs
Buy British was the message from Briggs Irrigation that introduced a prototype pump unit featuring a JCB 4cyl diesel power unit at LAMMA.

Available from late February options will include 84-125hp diesel units from the JCB range fitted to Camprari pumps and fed from an on-board 1500-litre bunded diesel cell.

Apparently considerably quieter than the previous Iveco-powered pumps, units start from £13,680 with options for a 12v primer to overcome the risk of some exhaust-driven priming systems.

New sprayer joystick controlsprayer joystick thmb
Glamorgan based Equipment Supply Services – which is the importer for Caruelle sprayers – premiered its new joystick control that carries all the essential functions of the sprayer.

The firm says that centralising all the controls has several benefits for operators, most notably not having to reach for lots of controls in numerous locations.

Four main controls are located on the joystick – opening and closing the booms, spray on and off, boom section control and boom geometry. Also controllable is the boom telescopic function and night time under boom illumination.

wold trailersStock box/ bale trailer eases operator use
York-based Graham Edwards Trailers has launched a middle-ground stock box/bale trailer combo unit featuring a unique folding deck format to ease operator use.

The 24ft base unit is manufactured for the company by Wold Trailers, costs £8450 and features twin ag-spec axles as standard.

The lift-off stock box is sectional and can have sheep decks fitted for an extra £1850 including four internal gates (£1450 without).

Capacity for approximately 150 sheep can soon be converted to floor space and height for cattle using a unique concertina design for the folding of the middle deck floor.

Options include full commercial axles with air brake capacity. Delivery time is estimated at 10 weeks.

Chaser bins could speed-up unloadingchaser bin thmb
Arable operators running multiple combines need a fast unloading solutions to maintain acreage rates and Lincs-based Eyre Header reckon these French chaser bins with a 24 cubic m capacity (18t) could be the answer.

At £35,000 the units require a 200hp tractor unit up front but can be upgraded from ag-spec axles to full commercial air-braked alternatives at additional cost.

Manufactured at Verdun, France, the chaser can also be used later in the season as a seed drill filler utilising its on-board auger.

Adjustable axle for new header trailer
Eyre Header has introduced a new turntable header trailer (7.5m version pictured) with adjustable rear axle for combine headers. Priced £3000 units features a front single wheel steering bogey while the rear axle can be slid and clamped along the main carriage beam depending on user preference for turning and tail overhang according to road width and gate-way aperture.

mower thmbJCB in talks with Mastenbroek
Talks are said to be underway between JCB and Mastenbroek that could see the unit made available exclusively through JCB’s own construction industry outlets aimed at larger maintenance contractors and utilities.

Priced at £45,000 the unit weighs almost 2500kg and requires the Fastrac’s rear axle to be locked out to support the weight of the extended arm. Agricultural customers have not been ruled out especially those managing extensive roadside maintenance contracts.

New Krampe trailer offers 10% more capacitykrampe trailer thmb
Warwickshire-based Krampe trailers have introduced a new barrel-bodied trailer in the form of its Big Body 600 to its range giving users an extra 10% capacity over conventional box bodied competitors.

Use of rolled and bowed sides in body construction increase space and strength of the trailer, removing the need for as many side braces as box-bodied variants also reduced tare by 12%.

The unit is carried on twin full commercial axles rated to 24t and 80kph with air/oil brake systems including a failsafe should the unit become detached from the drive unit. Sprung drawbar and hydraulic rear door are standard.

The company say the unit has a price of £15,000 after discount.

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