Slurrykat builds dual-use silage and dump trailer

Farmers running silage and dump trailers now have the option of slimming down their fleet after Northern Irish manufacturer Slurrykat launched a unit that can operate in both formats.

The multipurpose SDT has been assembled using a 22t Hardox halfpipe dump trailer, with the option of a silage kit that takes capacity to 34cu m and adds a hydraulic door.

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It features a new chassis and pendulum bogie system made from high-tensile steel, and a multi-leaf suspension system is also available.

At the front, there’s a sloping front panel to make it easier when blowing chopped maize over the tractor and into the trailer while opening up a standing crop.

The body of the trailer starts as a halfpipe design at the front, with a wider square door at the rear, which apparently increases the discharge rate.

The single SDT model comes with 710/40 R22.5 BKT tyres, and starts at £24,995.


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