Lamma 2018: Vaderstad unveils multirow Ferox cultivator

For crops that need a thoroughly-worked seed-bed, Väderstad has come up with a new multirow tine cultivator to work soil at 10-12cm depths.

The Ferox makes its UK debut in four sizes, from 5m to 9m, with a choice of five or six rows of pigtail tines at 11cm and 12cm spacing, respectively, for effective trash clearance, each carrying a 50mm point.

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Leading the way is Väderstad’s Crossboard Heavy, comprising a bank of trailing paddle tines linked by stabilising bars, to level off plough furrows or coarse tilth from previous cultivation.

Once the cultivating tines have done their job, the resulting tilth can be fine-tuned by a flexible tine harrow, a light version of the cross-board or a crumble roller where extra consolidation is required.