Landquip Gladiator debuts at LAMMA

Landquip’s new high-spec trailed sprayer made its first appearance at LAMMA. Available with bi-fold and tri-fold aluminium booms up to 36m (44m by Cereals in June) and tank capacities from 4,500-litres up to 7,000-litres. The new fiberglass tanks are now sculpted to enable the boom to fold up to within a 2.7m transport width.

Clearly aimed at contractors and larger farms, typically those using liquid fertiliser, the Gladiator has a 700-litre/min centrifugal pump, primed by a smaller diaphragm piston unit that is also responsible for the auto-washout system. Both pumps are hydraulically driven, doing away with the need for a pto shaft. In addition to air suspension on the steering axle, there is also an air-bag on the drawbar. Tank filling, rinsing and spraying is all electronically controlled and GPS controlled auto-section switching is standard (80% of Landquip sprayers are now fitted with the system).

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