Lemken is to launch three new products at Cereals

Lemken is to launch three new products at next month’s Cereals Event. First is the Sirius mounted sprayer range, with a choice of 1750 litre and 2000 litre close-coupled tanks. The new SE boom comes in 15-24m widths and optional partial folding can be specified if the user wants to spray at different widths

There are two versions. The standard one is the Sirius 7 with the firm’s Easyspray system that gives in-cab control of all the main sprayer functions. The Sirus 9, on the other hand, has the more sophisticated Spraydos system with spray pressure automatically matched to forward speed so application rate stays the same. Price for the 166 litre version Sirius 7 with 24m boom is £20,828.

The Karat stubble cultivator, meanwhile, will be available in semi-mounted form from the Cereals event onwards. It comes in 4, 5 and 6m widths with a choice of narrow points, wide points or wings.

Transport wheels are mounted behind the tines but ahead of the levelling discs to make the machine easy to manoeuvre on headlands and into gateways but gives more space for trash to flow through.

The working depth is set hydraulically from the tractor seat with the front support wheels and rear roller moving up and down to give a uniform depth across the whole working width. A new rear roller with two rows of steel rings is available as an option.

The cost of a 6m Karat KA with double packer roller is £34,521.

Lemken will also be showing a folding version of its Compact-Solitair cultivator drill. This comes in 4m, 5m and 6m folding versions as well as the existing 3m and 4m rigid units.

The Compact-Solitair was designed to give farmers a higher-speed alternative to power-harrow-based drills and both grain-only and grain-and-fertiliser options are available on most versions.

The machine leads with a set of hydraulically adjustable discs, followed by an optional hydraulic levelling board, then a 1.1m diameter tyre packer to consolidate the soil in front of the seed coulters. If fitted with the optional Michelin tyres, pressure can be reduced to 0.6 bar, reducing compaction in damp conditions.

Lemken introduced Optidisc double discs in 2008, allowing hydraulic adjustment of coulter pressure with an oil maifold ensuring that the pressure on each of the coulters stays the same whatever their height. Depth is controlled by a press wheel.

The cost of the 6m Compact-Solitair is £72,257.