Micron’s new spray system minds the gap

Cereals exhibitor 2009

The focus for Micron Sprayers at Cereals this year is an innovative spraying system called Varidome for spraying the gap and wheeling between crops grown in rows.

This is particularly relevant for UK vegetable growers due to recent EU legislation withdrawing selective herbicides, such as Dosaflo, from use on many vegetable crops, says the company.

Varidome applies low volumes, typically 30 litres/ha, using shrouded spray heads designed to protect the crop.

The system can be used to safely treat weeds growing in a wide variety of crops including carrots, parsnips, onions, leaks, maize, flower bulbs and soft fruit. It can be supplied in single or triple bed versions.

Also on show is the Micron non-drip WeedSwiper, plus a range of innovative, hand-held, low volume, battery powered applicators.