New Joskin muckspreader lowered for greater stability

Belgian maker Joskin has added a new model to its range of Siroko muckspreaders.

Called the S4008/8V, it is based on the smallest model of the range (the S4010/9V) and has the same running gear and 4m body length.

However, its body height has been lowered by 24cm to top out at just 85cm. That makes for better stability, says the company, and easier loading.

The two removable vertical beaters are 1.5m high, have a diameter of 820mm and are fitted with teeth in Hardox 450 steel. Retractable blades at the base are said to keep the spreading quality good.

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The company says this configuration gives good stability, even in very steep areas, and is also easier to load. Maximum capacity is said to be 8cu m.

Options include a hydraulic guillotine door, aluminium or wooden extensions of 250 mm, as well as PVC protection of the upper body.

Other features include a Walterscheid pto shaft with shear-bolt security, fully galvanised body, outer access and a suspended drawbar. Hydraulic brakes are fitted, as well as recessed lighting.

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