Peugeot 508RXH estate has diesel-electric power

If you’re looking for an estate-type car that has good fuel consumption and four-wheel drive, Peugeot’s new 508RXH could be an interesting option to consider.

It’s a diesel-electric model, with a 2-litre 163hp diesel engine up front, a 37hp electric motor driving the rear wheels and (we assume) a big nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) battery that is charged each time you brake.

With 200hp of total power to play with, top speed is 132mph and 0-62mph comes up in a brisk 9.5 seconds. Combined fuel consumption is an impressive-looking 69mpg and the car is in the lowest tax bracket. It can run solely on electric power or in 4wd and CO2 emissions are a modest 107g/km

At £33,695, it’s not exactly bargain motoring, but at least it should be relatively cheap to run. Features include hill assist, a “raised stance”, parallel parking assist and colour head-up display,

It’s on sale in May and there’s a saloon version too.

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