Precision farming firm releases field data app

Newbury-based precision farming specialist Soyl’s iPad-based system lets you group variable-rate tasks into one place.

Called iSoyl, it uses a smart cable to connect with all the popular makes of spreader, sprayer and drill controller and there’s a data transfer system that allows information to be easily transferred between field and farm office.

The company says that its new app-based system is quick and simple to use, with an uncluttered layout that makes it easy to find files. The touchscreen system means users can quickly control and edit files, but it might not suit oily fingers.

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“When you mount the iPad in the cab you have a large, full-colour display that makes everything clear and easy to use rather than peering at a small screen and fiddling with tiny buttons,” says business development manager Tom Parker.

One of the key features of iSoyl is that it can send your precision farming data from the field back to your crop recording systems, adds Mr Parker, so there’s no need to manually write and transfer notes.

That means less time spent on admin and you can sync data straight from the tractor cab into your records.

Farm software firm Gatekeeper is also developing a link to allow the as-applied records from iSoyl to be easily imported.

That means precision farming data and day-to-day crop records in Gatekeeper are all in one place, simplifying the task greatly.

It’s fairly straightforward, too, says Mr Parker. Tap on any field and it will instantly show the latest operation carried out and what settings you used. That gives you a useful memory jogger if you can’t remember exactly what you put on that field last time round.

You can also add your own points of interest, such as weedy areas or crop variation in a particular field, simply by dropping a pin on the relevant area and recording a note.

The iSoyl system is available now and is compatible with iPad, iPad mini and iPad Air products but not Android-based tablets.

Cost is £495 for a package that includes MySoylsync, the smart cable and adapters and the in-cab mounting system. You’ll have to fork out extra for the iPad, though. The programme is free to download from the Apple app store.

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