Quivogne unveils Delta cultivator

Cultivation kit doesnt always capture the imagination, but the crowds quickly gathered when French favourite Quivogne unveiled its new Delta cultivator. In fact, its so new that the company hadnt had a chance to print any information.

The disc-tine-disc-packer combo is designed to create a one-pass seedbed. Up front, heavy-duty discs do the hard work. These get hydraulic angle adjustment through a cab control box and can be scalloped or standard.

Behind that come height adjustable tines with various feet options, before two rows of individually rubber-mounted discs chop, mix and tidy up the soil depending on the depth they are set at. The rear packer is three-point linkage mounted, so theoretically you can tack anything onto the back.

It looks a solid set-up, too the 5m version tips the scales at over 10t and will want 350hp on the drawbar.

No prices have been announced yet but it should be on show at the Cereals event later in the year.