Robotic feeder slashes labour costs

A new type of robotic feed pusher – the Joz Moov – has been launched into the UK to help farmers cut labour costs and keep their cows happy.

Developed by Dutch manufacturer Joz, the feeder’s path is outlined by tiny transponders – similar in size to a rawl plug – which are installed below the surface so they aren’t visible and can’t be damaged by machinery.

These transponders guide the rotating Moov along the feed line to push rations up to the barrier so cows can feed whenever they please.

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However, it’s a steady process with travelling speeds of 6m per minute for 19 hours before a five-hour recharge is required.

Joz Moov transponder

Different routes can be set and where wi-fi is available, farmers can check the Moov’s progress on their phone or tablet.

Using the Moov frees up a tractor and a person’s time, while keeping feed in reach of cows can lead to increased milk yields and calmer cows, we’re told.

Available from Stamford Agricultural Services, the Moov will set you back £12,950 (plus VAT) with set-up costs dependent on the farm, while grant funding may be available in some areas of the UK.