Round bale trailer simplifies collection process

Northern Ireland machinery manufacturer SlurryKat has developed a round bale trailer that does away with the time-consuming process of strapping the bales down for road transport.

The trailer sits on 550/45 R22.5 floatation boots that bolt on to high-speed axles as standard to maximise braking efficiency and safety, regardless of the towing tractors speed, the company claims.

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Keeping the bales in place is handled by a double hydraulic bale-clamping system consisting of a full-length steel clamp on each side of the trailer, all controlled from the tractor’s cab.

The clamps lower for the trailer to be loaded and then raise back up into the locked position once full. Each side can be controlled individually of each other and lock in place hydraulically via a stop lock valve.

Slurrykat trailer

Completing the clamping system are front and rear 6ft-high bale racks, which means there is no need for straps.

The twin axles are fitted to a commercial spring suspension system which is in turn fitted to a full-length heavy-duty box section chassis. A rocking beam (bogie) suspension system is an option.

At the front, an adjustable stand keeps the trailer level for loading and a double coil sprung drawbar helps provide a smooth ride.

SlurryKat offers the spoon hitch as an option, whereas the lockable galvanised toolbox, rear mud flaps and LED lights are standard.

All machines are available with various different options to suit the customer’s needs including length and braking system.