See Cirrus 03 series trailed cultivator drills in action at Tillage-Live

Tillage-Live gives farmers the chance to see both the Cirrus 3003 Compact and the Cirrus 6003-2 in action in the field.

The 3m Compact, as the name suggests, is shorter for better manoeuvrability and offers a 3,000 litre seed hopper whereas the 6003-2 is longer to provide more turning clearance with twin tyres on the tractor.

With its bigger tank either 3,600 litres in plain grain format or the 6003-2C comes a 4,000 litre pressurised tank and has the ability to apply fertiliser alongside the seed.

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The optional CrushBoard levels and firms ahead of the twin row disc harrow element which provides the cultivation in front of the new Matrix tyres.

Adjustable for depth from the tractor seat, the 460mm diameter serrated cultivation discs create the perfect, crumbled seedbed with their aggressive action.

Cirrus 03 trailed cultivator drill
The disc bearing hubs, which mirror the well-proven system found on the Catros compact disc harrows and Ceni-us mulch cultivators, run oil-immersed and are sealed for life.
The bigger 880 mm diameter Matrix tyres are easier running and big cleated to provide more drive and less rolling resistance for reduced horsepower and less diesel usage.

The new RoTeC pro coulter has been designed for better seed placement at the higher forward speeds that are now being adopted by farmers.