Sima 2013: Berthoud’s Sprinter’s a simple sprayer

If you’re after a budget-end trailed sprayer then Berthoud’s new Sprinter might be worth a look.

It’s relatively compact and the only tank option on offer is a 2,500-litre plastic one. On the back is Berthoud’s new ALS axial-suspended boom with centre pivot, which comes in widths from 18-24m.

The layout is simple-as-you-like, with valves and an induction hopper positioned at the front of the sprayer. A 130-litres/min, low maintenance piston pump is standard.

Berthoud says there is still plenty of demand for a base spec trailed model like the Sprinter.

It is the smallest trailed sprayer in the French firm’s line-up and will be available from October onwards.

There’s no price set yet, but we’re told it will be around the €28,000 mark.

Berthoud also launched a direct injection spray system at the show. On paper it looks like a pretty good way of doing things – apply chemical just prior to the water leaving the nozzle head so that several treatment programmes can be carried out using the same tank of fresh water.

Up to three containers can be connected directly to the system, which means you’re less likely to have a pool of awkward-to-deal-with spray mix left in the bottom of the tank. It should also make spot spraying and variable rate application easier – you can apply three chemicals at once, or one after another at different rates.

The other advantage is that product containers can be installed and removed without having to pour or touch the chemicals.

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