Spaldings now offers universal rubber roller

Spaldings now offers a universal rubber profiled packer roller for its Flatlift subsoiler range.

It is available in widths from 3m to 4.5m to fit the 3, 4, 5 and 7 leg Flatlift models, but can also be fitted to any other make of cultivator or subsoiler. The system is supplied as a complete kit including frame, roller, bearings and scrapers for easy fitting to existing equipment.

The roller is 586mm in diameter and has been designed to deliver either deep or superficial consolidation depending on soil conditions and whether it’s working behind primary or secondary cultivation operations. The packing effect helps germination of the seed, says the company, while retaining soil moisture in dry conditions and promoting good drainage in wet conditions.

The rubber construction also allows the roller to flex while working, says Spaldings, and means wet soils don’t stick to it like they would to a rigid roller. It is also designed to be shock and cut resistant and can be taken on the road on semi-mounted equipment behind high-speed tractors.

The individual sections can be removed and replaced when required, although the company says that the roller should last many seasons before replacement.

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