Spaldings unveils new quick-fit yard brushes

A brace of yard brushes will be added to a new line of farm cleaning products from agricultural supplier Spaldings.

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The 2.4m wide Padagas push-broom design has integral pallet fork slots and hand-tightened bolts to lock them in place. There are also some pivoting parking stands to take the weight so the bristles don’t distort when not in use.

Eleven rows of bristles are suited to wooden floors but can be used on concrete and other hard surfaces, with reduced dust created when sweeping and the added benefit of being able to shift standing water and slurry.

A bucket brush sweeper is the second new product in the range, designed to mount on to a general-purpose farm bucket.

At 2.3m wide, it has single hydraulic motor that runs from the third loader service to power the 600mm brush to gently flick dirt and grime into the bucket. There are mountings to attach the brush to the bucket and adjustable side supports depending on the required gap.


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