Amazone fert spreaders get fresh in-cab terminal

Amazone’s new AmaSpread 2 in-cab monitor is now available for the ZA-V Profis Control fertiliser spreader.

The 4.3in colour display shows key information such as application rate, area covered and the quantity of product left in the hopper.

Spreader control screen

© Amazone

Each function has its own back-lit button, which the company says makes one-handed use easy, and means material-specific settings for up to 10 fertilisers can be stored and loaded at any time.

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Other features include manual switching of up to six part-width sections and the use of the Profis weighing system, the accuracy of which can be improved with an optional tilt sensor. This helps maintain a constant application rate when using fertiliser of varying quality, and when working on hilly ground.

The firm’s Limiter V+ border spreading system allows operators to switch between side, boundary and watercourse modes without leaving the cab, and optional low-level sensors can be fitted to send an alert when the hopper nears empty.

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