Lemken revamps Primus and Albatros sprayers

Lemken has overhauled its Primus and Albatros sprayers to bring them up to date with the rest of the range.

The entry level Primus now has recirculating lines for a more even spray pattern, while the EES spec allows all water, hydraulics and cleaning options to be controlled from the cab.

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External controls around the induction hopper on the Primus 10 and 12 sprayers are clearer and hidden behind protective covers, while the LED lights and colour scheme match the rest of the Lemken sprayer range.

Lemken Albatros

Lemken Albatros 12

In the cab, there’s a new CCI-50 terminal and the option of a DGPS receiver for controlling auto section control and rear wheel tracking. Isobus is standard on the Primus and Albatros 12 models.

The Primus 10 and 12 models have tanks from 2,400 litres to 4,400 litres and booms from 15 to 30 metres, while the larger Albatros 10 and 12 sprayers start at 4,000 litres, rise to 6,200 litres and have booms from 15 up to 39 metres.

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