Lamma 2024: SpreadPoint debuts rear-discharge muckspreader

The first rear-discharge muckspreader from Northern Irish outfit SpreadPoint comes with some neat features to help tempt buyers away from more established brands.

These include automatically adjusting bed chains fitted as standard on models with capacities upwards of 9t and twin rear beaters with flights that are designed to make use of the whole spreading area.

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The configuration of these is such that the top half of the flights on each rotor push material upwards and the bottom parts push it down onto the swinging flails.

This is said to help give even distribution over the full spreading width and prevent blockages when the spreader is fitted with a hood.

For durability, the body is constructed using Hardox steel, the floor is made from Strenx and several key parts have been galvanised.

In standard form, rate is adjusted hydraulically by altering the speed of the bed chains, but there is the option of adding weigh cells or a sophisticated computer-controlled Sense Point system.

The single-axle machines are available with capacities from 6t to 15t, with steel greedy boards available to increase the load volume.

Price for the featured 12t MK-1200 model with hydraulic rate control is £45,000.

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