Ploeger introduces high capacity spreaders

A high-capacity five-wheel “floater” application vehicle is being introduced in Europe and North America by the Ploeger Oxbo Group to complement the existing three-wheel version.

The larger machine has powered steering and mechanical drive to all four of its rear wheels, with a power split hydromechanical stepless transmission providing seamless speed control.

Both versions have variable supplementary hydraulic drive to the central front wheel, which helps the machines execute tight turns using the 70deg right and left steering lock, as well as contributing to traction when necessary.

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Available as the Ploeger AT3103/AT4103 and AT5105 in Europe and Oxbo 4103 and 5105 in North America, all versions are powered by a 9.3-litre Scania five-cylinder diesel generating 400hp and 1,830Nm of torque.

Drive to the rear wheels passes through a ZF Eccom 5.0 continuously variable transmission, with a 50 kph (37 mph) top speed potential from the Kessler axles and Michelin 1050/50 R32 tyres.

The five-wheel machine is being introduced with a 25t capacity dry manure spreader or 21-25cu m liquid manure system, which are available in 16t and 16cu m form on the three-wheeler.

This machine can also be configured with 8cu m or 12cu m liquid fertiliser systems or a 12t capacity Bredal dry fertiliser twin-disc spreader.

This has AutoSwath section control to minimise bout and headland overlaps or under-spreading, automated calibration and storage of critical settings, variable rate control, data logging and Smart Report documentation. Trimble guidance and control systems are available on the European machines.


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