Lamma 2022: Grass Technology slurry tankers hit UK market

Zero-grazing specialist Grass Technology has begun selling its range of single- and twin-axle slurry tankers in the UK.

The County Carlow firm branched out into tanker production four year ago and, with some early success in its home market, it has started to recruit dealers this side of the water.

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Model sizes range from 1,650gal to 4,500gal on a twin axle, and the GT4000 pictured is the second largest in the line-up.

This has a 4,100gal vessel with double-welded implosion rings, a side inspection hatch and a rear stone trap.

It’s filled with a 13,500-litre Battioni pump, has a sight tube as standard and comes with a 20ft suction hose.

The outfit is mounted on a press-formed chassis with a coil-sprung drawbar that runs on tandem steering commercial axles, complete with air brakes.

Guide price for the GT4000 model is about £40,000.


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