Large Bomech trailing shoe gets four macerators

Dutch company Bomech has added four Alrena macerators to its big trailing shoes to improve the accuracy and consistency of manure distribution.

The rotating-knife macerators, which are built by Bomech at its factory in Albergen in the Netherlands but sold under the Alrena name, will be available on machines from 18m to 24m wide.

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The units are driven by a hydraulic motor, which turns a hollow shaft carrying the cutting knives. The internal pressure of the distributor head is controlled by adjustable outlets on the macerator, and variable flow control is managed by an actuator on the side.

Running four macerators on the new trailing shoe models has halved their working width, which reduces the variation in hose length and, therefore, improves the accuracy of starting and stopping, says Bomech. 

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