Slurrykat adds high-spec Premium Plus tanker range

Slurrykat has incorporated a clutch of new slurry tanker features into its Premium Plus Super Tanker range.

These are based on the firm’s existing models, with capacities ranging from 1,600gal (7,250 litres) to 5,500gal (25,000 litres).

However, they get a new high-speed vacuum pump and auto-filling system that can load up to 10cu m/min.

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New fill points and a bigger overflow valve system contribute to faster fill times and there’s also an automatic vein lubrication system.

Buyers can spec three-, four- or five-point linkages at the rear to mount a dribble bar or trailing shoe applicator.

Running gear includes heavy-duty, 150mm square beam axles, a sprung drawbar and load-sensing brakes.

List price for a 2,500gal (11,365-litre) model is £13,450.