Amazone adds bigger front tank for mounted sprayers

Amazone has launched a bigger front tank option to increase the capacity of its tractor-mounted sprayer range and offer a cheaper alternative to small self-propelled versions.

The FT 1502 will carry 1,500 litres, so capacity will total 3,500 litres when paired with the firm’s UF 2002 rear unit. There’s also a smaller UF 1602 mounted sprayer and 1,000-litre FT 1001 front tank in the range.

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One of the perks of the new outfit, says Amazone, is that it can be paired with the so-called Flowcontrol+ option.

This uses electronic fill-level sensors in the front and rear tanks combined with two high-performance venturis to help manage fill levels, so the front tank is completely integrated with the rear unit.

The venturis are powered by an extra 150-litres/min pump on the rear sprayer and the transfer rate in either direction is up to 200 litres/min.

Liquid is continuously pumped between the two tanks to keep the chemical mixed and fill levels are automatically controlled in the Isobus terminal to maintain optimum weight distribution, says Amazone.

This means both tanks are automatically brimmed at the fill area and the mix is only pumped from the front tank once the rear tank reaches the 30% mark, avoiding any premature reduction of the load on the front axle. Both tanks are cleaned out at the end.

It’s also possible to switch off the auto function to use the front tank for transporting extra rising water, or useable water for subsequent spraying.

The tank comes with its own transport wheels for storing it in shed corners, but buyers might also like to look at third-party camera options to make it easier to pull out of field gateways onto the road.

Price of the base-spec FT 1502 is £5,065, while a fully-loaded UF 2002 mounted sprayer with 30m boom, AmaSwitch individual nozzle shut-off and all the other goodies is £76,055.