Knight tweaks 1800-series sprayers

Knight Farm Machinery has introduced a revamped version of its compact 1800-series self-propelled sprayer that’s designed to make operation and maintenance simpler.

One of the main changes is the option of a lower cab platform that brings the centre of gravity down and improves stability. It also means the maker can offer a broader range of booms than the current model, which is limited to tri-fold units in the larger sizes.

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As twin-fold booms can now be fitted, the time to unfold and fold is reduced as well as the overall weight of the outfit.

Other tweaks include moving the Adblue tank from the front to the side of the machine so that it is located near the main sprayer controls and new toolbox and storage area, which are large enough for even the most well-prepared of operators.

Prices for the new model will start at about £153,000 and will vary depending on the tank size, boom and ancillary equipment specced.

The firm’s range of Trailblazer trailed sprayers have also received a couple of upgrades, including a hydraulically driven pump and a simplified plumbing layout.

Knight is also fitting an air purge system that reduces spill risks and washing out time. When the tank is empty, the system can be used to purge the spray boom and all pipes containing spray solution on to the cropped area.

This reduces the residual volume of liquid in the plumbing system and decreases the amount of clean water needed to wash out the machine.

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