Lamma 2019: Househam Harrier sprayer

Whether you want a simple sprayer that gets the job done with the least amount of effort or something a lot more sophisticated, manufacturers at the Lamma show will have a solution.

We asked sprayer manufacturers for their guidance on what’s new and innovative at the 2019 event.

Househam (Hall 9)

A bespoke touchscreen control and monitoring system for vehicle and spraying features will be shown on the new Househam Harrier, which is currently available in three sizes from 4,000 to 6,000 litres as a Merlin replacement, slotting between the high-specification Predator and the smaller Air-Ride.

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Like those vehicles, the Harrier has a front-mounted cab, with the 5.1-litre MTU engine developing 230hp and the hydro-drive pump located behind in a sound-proofed casing.

In the cab, the operator is presented with Househam’s Total Machine Control (TMC) touchscreen terminal, which provides vehicle instrumentation, engine management and diagnostics, hydrostatic drive control and monitoring, fault detection and alerts, along with service reminders.

It is also the interface for setting up the spraying system, including application rate and section control, Househam’s Spray Pilot auto steering, and the company’s FieldMaster GPS mapping technology, which is compatible with Yara N-Sensor, SOYL mapping and other software applications.

The Harrier’s liquid system was designed for minimum “dead” volume; standard equipment includes an Altek 260-litre/min pump, 19mm spraylines with triple nozzle bodies, auto nozzle select and different section control options up to individual nozzle on-off.

Electrically operated valves for filling, agitation and rinsing are controlled by a junior TMC display and keyboard alongside the 30-litre induction hopper.