Mazzotti adds Deere sprayer tech to self-propelled range

John Deere-owned Italian sprayer maker Mazzotti has added a new flagship model to its self-propelled range.

The 4,000-litre MAF 4080 joins the existing MAF 2580 (2,500-litre), 3180 (3,000-litre) and 3580 (3,500-litre) variants, but has a longer wheelbase than its stablemates to make space for the extra liquid capacity and maintain an even weight distribution across the two axles.

All four are powered by a 175hp four-cylinder John Deere engine, with the smallest two models running a 40kph hydrostatic transmission.

However, this can be upgraded to the more sophisticated 50kph setup on the pair of bigger machines.

There are also Mc versions that have a stepless hydro-mechanical transmission and conventional mechanical axles that help transmit more power to the ground to improve traction and hill climbing.

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New automatic wheel alignment should ease switching between steering models (two, four and crab) and four-wheel steering now disengages above 14kph. Power steering has apparently been improved too, allowing owners to fit bigger tyres.

The sprayers come with John Deere’s dual-circuit M-Spray system, which has a dedicated 600 litres/min filling pump that will brim the biggest MAF 4080 model in less than seven minutes.

It includes an Active Pause feature that allows operators to load chemical at a leisurely pace without racing against the water fill rate.

Spraying is carried out by a dedicated 750-litre/min spraying pump and there’s electronic control of tank agitation and rinsing, either from inside the cab or using the keypad and display on the side of the sprayer.

A new range of MK spray booms from 24m to 36m wide include a triple-fold 36m/24m version. Automatic boom control uses a three- or five-sensor Norac UC7 kit to manage height, angle and variable geometry.

The spray control system now runs through Isobus using the 4240 or 4640 Greenstar displays. An optional Starfire 6000 DGPS receiver allows for individual nozzle control, variable rate and job recording.

Deere’s Individual Nozzle Control system is standard, but manual operation is possible by forming virtual section widths in the cab screen.

A 4,000-litre MAF 4080 with 36m/24m boom and 50kph transmission is priced at £248,731. The smaller 3000-litre MAF 3180 fitted with a 24m boom and 40kph top speed is £201,034.