Stocks Rotor Jet replaces long-running Rotor Meter applicator

A simple small-seed and microgranule applicator to mount on equipment up to 4m wide has been developed by Stocks Ag as a successor to its long-running Rotor Meter broadcaster.

The main update creating the Rotor Jet is that it uses a smaller version of the metering block and rollers employed in its bigger brother, the Turbo Jet, which is said to result in a high degree of accuracy.

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There are four outlets from the metering assembly and a single Spal fan creating the conveying airflow, which is channelled initially through four hoses and then eight hoses beyond the Y-shaped splitters.

This provides a relatively close spacing for the splash plate outlets across the width of the host implement.

Material being applied is carried in one of three cylindrical or square hoppers with 65-, 130- or 240-litre capacity, and buyers can choose from a number of controllers, including the new mid-range Jackal and the range-topping i-Con with its touchscreen display and prescription map capability.

The new Rotor Jet is intended for growers with smaller host machines wanting a cost-effective applicator with good accuracy for applying microgranular crop protection, fertiliser products and seed.

It is said to be ideal for inter-row green cover establishment and precise in-row fertiliser application, and for establishing various small-seed cover crop, bird food mix and boundary strip options under the Sustainable Farming Incentive scheme.

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