Techneat develops versatile Multicast applicator

Techneat has launched a new multi-purpose applicator that can be used to apply Avadex granules, cover crops or grass seed simply by changing the metering cartridge.

The Multicast is available with either a 200- or 400-litre hopper and comes with a Garmin GPS speed controller and a hydraulically driven fan to feed a single distribution head.

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The metering unit is able to cope with granules and various small seed types, thanks to Techneat’s range of interchangeable cartridges.

This versatility means that, with additional fitting or wiring kits, farmers can easily switch the applicator between implements, rather than forking out for extra Autocast V2, Terracast V2 or Avacast GR models.

Options include a 12m- or 15m-boom and trailed, three-point linkage or UTV mounting kits.

Prices start from £8,289, including the wiring system, outlets and a coil of hose.

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