Vredo adds lime spreader option to self-propelled sprayer

Vredo’s VT4556 chassis now has four different options to spread the cost of these huge machines over various different jobs.

The Dutch maker has added a 14m lime spreading body to complement the exiting 19,500-litre slurry tank, 20t Tebbe spreader and 17,000-litre Vinasse sprayer.

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Running a 450hp engine with a stepless transmission, the new option comes with a moving stainless-steel chain floor driven by a hydraulic motor, that feeds the hydraulic spreading augers at the rear.

Capacity of the 3mm thick sheet metal body is 14.5cu m, and it has 45deg internal sides to keep the material flowing. It has been built in conjunction with MDM.

The VT4556 has a steering front and rear axle so can operate in crab steer mode to minimise compaction.

There is no word on price yet.

Vredo lime spreader at night


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