Teagle shredder gets new weigh system

Teagle has updated its 1010 shredder/feeder, adding a new weighing system that monitors the amount of material going into the machine.

The Digistar system uses weigh cells on the axle and the drawbar that feed information to a 4.3cm digital display mounted on the front of the machine. This shows the number of loads completed as well as accumulated, average and total weight.

Teagle has mounted the display at an angle so both the tractor driver discharging the load and the loader operator filling it have a clear view.

Purchasers can also upgrade to a cleverer version that can manage more complex mixes. This has the added benefit of an alarm and horn alert to tell the driver when target weights are being reached. And operators can also download the information to their computer.

The Tomahawk 1010 is Teagle’s top end straw bedder and comes with twin cross beaters to agitate and mix the ration. It will hold 10cu m of clamp silage, four round straw bales or two full size Hesston bales. Electronic controls come as standard as well as lights, mudguards and a remote tailgate/conveyor switch. Two chute options are available: a swivel giraffe or cheaper side chute.

Base price for a T1010 with a swivel chute is around £17,500 and the basic weigh system costs £2000 extra.

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