Dot and Raven combine precision tech systems

Two precision technology companies are teaming up to add as many bells and whistles as possible to the Dot Power Platform, which was featured in Farmers Weekly earlier this year.

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Raven Industries and Dot Technologies are combining their respective products to enhance the effectiveness of the Dot platform.

The Dot Power Platform is a U-shaped vehicle that fits around “Dot-ready” equipment, or machinery that fits the platform’s specific schematic.

The platform drives itself and any attached implement, such as a seeder or sprayer, through a combination of GPS technology and associated precision computer systems – which Raven is providing.

Raven has a wealth of spraying and guidance knowledge and will be useful for future autonomous farming developments, with the Dot platform using steering, guidance and propulsion systems developed by Raven.

The initial cost for the Raven-driven Dot Power Platform unit is CAN$ 300,000 (approx £175,000), though that may change as the product continues to develop.


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