New handheld weather monitor to improve spraying decisions

Kestrel’s new portable weather meter could give sprayer operators a better insight into conditions prior to and during applications.

The handheld 3550AG has sensors to record wind speed and direction, temperature and relative humidity, providing minimum, maximum and average readings at the exact field location and height of the spray boom.

It can also show dew point and Delta T (water evaporation rate) readouts – the latter influencing spraying decisions in particularly dry conditions.

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Though it has its own LCD display, users are also able to view information on a smartphone by connecting the device via Bluetooth to the firm’s free iOS and Android apps.

Of particular interest is the “snapshot” mode that captures and saves live measurements to be added to spray records.

The kit costs £189.95 (inc VAT) and is available through UK distributor Richard Paul Russell, based in Lymington, Hampshire.

sensor in field

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Another farm weather station maker, Sencrop, has upgraded its mobile app, allowing users to view forecasts from mainstream providers such as Metcheck, BBC and Meteoblue.

These can be combined with temperature, wind speed, humidity and rainfall accumulation data from a connected weather station on the farm.

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