TGS imports moisture and temperature-sensing bale spike

Devon-based tub grinder specialist TGS has agreed an import deal for a Danish-made bale spike that can instantly record the moisture and temperature of every bale it spears.

The probe is buried inside an 800mm spike and can take readings to a depth of 650mm inside the bale, with the results recorded via Bluetooth to the Hayway smartphone app. 

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Sensing spikes can be retrofitted to any 50mm-diameter “Conus 1” loader tine bush, but TGS also offers various fitting kits, including a complete replacement tine bar for an MX grab.

As an alternative, the company makes its own Stinger attachment that can be configured to accommodate up to nine sensing probes.

Options include a marking system that sprays a dye on bales that exceed a pre-set moisture or temperature limit.

This will help farmers, straw contractors and buyers instantly identify any that don’t meet the grade for high-end bedding and biomass markets.

Prices start at £971 for a single probe kit.