Tillage Live: Claydon straw harrow proves popular

Claydon’s straw harrow may not be brand new, but it’s certainly gaining popularity. The company sold just 10 units last year, but says that has jumped to 50 in 2012.

The unit can travel at a Lotus Elise-rivalling 25kph, meaning 200 acres are possible in a day. The idea is that you work it at just 6-12mm depth, stirring up the stubble, digging in weed seeds (especially blackgrass) and breaking up the large lumps of straw which tend to harbour slugs.

Then, a week later, you blast the newly germinated weed seeds. It works well in rape stubbles, too, says the company, and allows volunteer rape to get to about 25mm height before re-harrowing it. This model is 7.5m wide and costs £12,500.

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