Timely tips from the PF archives

October is here and with it comes the first proper taste of autumn and hopefully a whole lot of drilling. We thought we’d raid the Power Farming archives and pick out a few articles fitting articles for the new season.

If your feeling that your Vaderstad Rapid is getting a bit tired this season, perhaps it deserves a bit of winter TLC. Our guide to giving this popular planter a refurb should point you in the right direction.

 Vaderstad Rapid

Vaderstad Rapid refurb

Just when you think you’ll have a bit of an autumn tidy-up the chainsaw invariably decides to give up the ghost. And try as you might, the pesky little motor refuses to sputter into life. But reading Andrew Pearce’s guide should help you get even the most stubborn of starters to play ball.

 Stihl chainsaw

Fixing small engine starting problems

Combining might be over for most, but the season for new combine sales is in full swing. That means there are plenty of used machines tricking into the classified ads and it be a good time to bag yourself a second-hand bargain. Use our guide to help you pick out a sound one.

 Claas Lexion

What to look for when buying a used combine

The Massey Ferguson 135 is a popular choice for yard scraping duties and is often affectionately thought of as a dedicated old stalwart, seldom hitched to anything else. We highlight a few pointers that could help you ensure the little beauty runs without fail over the winter ahead…

 Massey Ferguson 135

Massey Ferguson 135 maintenance tips

There’s never a great time to pull your mixer wagon apart, but giving it a bit of attention before winter sets in probably isn’t a bad move. In this article Kverneland’s Dan Crowe takes us through a service schedule for two of his company’s machines in the Siloking range. Kverneland Siloking

Mixer wagon maintenance

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