Tractor tears through school bus

Police are investigating after a tractor loader sliced through the top deck of a school bus, injuring three children.

The tractor was travelling on the road at Lydiard Millicent near Swindon with its arm extended when it hit the double-decker, tearing through about half of the bus’ length.

Fire crews had to cut free a teenage girl who was trapped in the wreckage. She was airlifted to hospital, suffering cuts to her leg and hand and a possible spinal injury.

Two other children were taken to hospital for treatment to minor injuries.

It is not known why the tractor was travelling with its arm extended. Police are now looking into the incident, which happened at 4pm on Monday (16 November).

Dave Wilmot, a paramedic with Great Western Ambulance Service, said: “The tractor had a raised grabber at the front and this tore through the upper deck of the bus at the front and along the side.

“Fortunately, none of the injuries appears to be particularly serious, but it could have been much worse.”