Deere strengthens 7-series with new flagship 7350R

Contractors looking for greater horsepower from a modestly-sized package now have John Deere’s latest 7350R tractor to think about, as the new model tops out at a whopping 388hp.

The move sees the US firm’s flagship 7-series tractors stray further on to the patch occupied by its bigger 8-series siblings.

The 8s start with the 8245R and and top out with the 8400R, which offers just 50hp more than the 7350R.

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However, Deere says it isn’t worried about blurring the lines of these ranges, as it apparently gives customers maximum choice in choosing anything from a smaller 7R all-rounder to an out-and-out field tractor with the 8-series.

As for the 7350R’s spec, the company has stuck with the 9-litre, six-cylinder engine used in all tractors from the 7290R upwards and throughout the 8R range.

The relatively compact machine (in power-to-weight ratio, at least) offers a base weight of 11,400kg, which means it runs at 29kg/hp.

Helpfully, maximum permissible weight of the whole 7R range has increased from 16t to 18t and the latest version has a 6t payload.

Bigger boots are also available, up to 650/60 R3s4 at the front and 900/60 R42s on the rear.

Personalised steering

A fancy Active Command Steering feature allows operators to set their personal preferences for different jobs.

Variable ratio steering, resistance and sensitivity of the wheel can all be tweaked to help make headland turns quicker. This is now an option on all 7R and 8R models.

As the 7R range was only launched at Agritechnica last year, pretty much everything else remains the same, including automotive-style extras such as a six-in-one sound system, massaging seat and Apple CarPlay.

Operators can also import Isoxml files from other displays and platforms to mirror A/B lines and field boundaries – a long-held gripe for many.

The model can be ordered in early July but prices won’t be released until the end of next month.

As a guide, the previous 7330R flagship with Autopowr retailed at £253,352 and the difference between this and the smaller 7310R was about £6,500.

All 7R and 8R tracked and wheeled tractors now come with a standard two-year or 2,000-hour warranty.


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