80,000 claim by researcher stung by bull

25 February 1998

£80,000 claim by researcher "stung" by bull

UNIVERSITY worker Paul Foskett is claiming £80,000 against a Scottish farmer after he was charged by a bull and thrown into nettles.

Paul Foskett, who was a research assistant with the oceanography department
of Southampton University when the incident happened in 1993, was working on a
radar system. The farmer, Graham McClymont, of Slockmill Farm, Drummore, by Stranraer, had given permission for access across the farm to
Crammag Head Lighthouse.

Foskett, from Lowford, Southampton, told the Court of Session that he was
thrown over a wall into a pile of stinging nettles. He claimed the farmer had
previously told him not to worry about cattle.

If he had any problems, he was told to wave his arms and shout at the cattle or tap them on the nose.

He denied going against the farmers warning by crossing a field in which there were bulls and said no such warning had been given. He said he did not even know there were bulls. The case continues.

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  • The Daily Telegraph 25/02/98 page 3

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