A quick way to revive stressed piglets

19 December 1997

A quick way to revive stressed piglets

PIGLETS which have suffered a stressful birth but still have a heartbeat, can be helped to survive and thrive with Ritchey Taggs Piglet Resuscitator.

The resuscitator, a smaller version of those for calves and lambs, is quick and effective, it says, with just five to 10 pumps needed to inflate the lungs and stimulate breathing. Quickly introducing oxygen into the bloodstream helps prevent brain damage, enabling piglets to thrive, it adds.

The resuscitator features a telescoping pump and a mask that seals around the mouth. A bi-directional valve allows the piglet to breathe out without having to remove the mask.

The piglet resuscitator costs £25 (01765-689541, fax 01765-689851).

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