Anti-poultry ad banned from cinemas

6 July 2000

Anti-poultry ad banned from cinemas

AN advertisement designed to persuade children to turn vegetarian has been banned because it is too scary, an advertising watchdog has ruled.

The advert, created by the pressure group Viva!, was to have been shown in cinemas this summer before screenings of the animated film Chicken Run.

According to The Times, the advert starts with a close-up of a distressed chickens eye and shows a caged bird with the slogan Chickens cant run.

There have been fears among the poultry sector that the success of the film Chicken Run, aimed at children, could dent sales of poultry meat.

When the film Babe, about an anthropomorphic pig, was released, Viva! distributed anti-meat leaflets outside cinemas and pork sales dropped 10%.

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