Archive Article: 1997/02/07

7 February 1997

Essays on How to communicate to farmers and stimulate the practice of integrated crop management in support of sustainable agriculture have won three students cheques for £1500 and a trip to Basle, Switzerland, headquarters of Ciba Agriculture, the competition organiser. The winners (LtoR) Catherine Tytherleigh (Seale-Hayne), Gautam Money (Royal Agricultural College) and Alys Kindred (Nottingham University) also received handsome glass trophies. Don Taylor (rear left), managing director of Ciba Agriculture, presented the awards and Vic Croxson (rear right) principal of Reaseheath College, chaired the judging panel. "We are very pleased to have inaugurated the competition," said Mr Taylor. "As Ciba and Sandoz merge to form Novartis we shall be delighted to continue it."

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