Archive Article: 1997/05/16

16 May 1997

CAMBRIDGESHIRE (90.44 acres).

Land at Brockleys Farm, Elsworth, Nr Cambridge. Lot 1: Grade 3 permanent pasture with mains water and a cattle yard 83.40 acres. £280,000 (£3357/acre). Lot 2: Grade 2 IACS eligible land 7.04 acres. £27,000 (£3835/acre). (Alexanders)

CORNWALL (12.82 acres).

Land at Trecreege Farm, Trelights, Nr Port Isaac. Pasture with water supply. £45,000 (£3510/acre). (Rendells)

CUMBRIA (10.41 acres).

Land at Tallentire, Nr Cockermouth. Accommodation land with mains water. £40,000 (£3842/acre). (Mitchells)

CUMBRIA (33.37 acres).

Land near Brisco, Nr Carlisle. Accommodation land. Withdrawn at £106,000 and then sold privately. (Harrison & Hetherington)

CUMBRIA (52.15 acres).

Thiefside, Calthwaite, Nr Penrith. Lot 1: Office with OPP for residential use, farm buildings and 26.46 acres. £164,000 (£6198/acre). Lot 2: 25.69 acres. £86,000 (£3348/acre). (Harrison & Hetherington)

CUMBRIA (60.12 acres).

Land at Distington, Nr Workington. Pasture and meadow land with mains water supply and road access. Lot 1: 5.12 acres. £12,000 (£2344/acre). Lot 2: 55 acres. £89,000 (£1618/acre). (Mitchells)

CUMBRIA (78.80 acres).

Land at Bowston, Burneside, Nr Kendal. Traditional and modern farm buildings and accommodation land. £212,000 (£2690/acre). (Michael C L Hodgson)

DERBYSHIRE (16.97 acres).

Land at Roston, Nr Ashbourne. Grassland Lot 1: 2.78 acres. £10,500. Lot 2: 14.19 acres with good road frontage. £50,000 (£3524/acre). (Bagshaws)

DERBYSHIRE (39.30 acres).

Land at The Beeches, Waldley, Nr Doveridge. Accommodation land. Withdrawn at £105,000 and sold privately for near this figure. (Bagshaws)

DEVON (29.16 acres).

Collective property auction. Land at Berrypark, Nr Shebbear. Pasture. Lot 1: 12.89 acres. £22,500 (£1746/acre). Lot 2: 2.93 acres. £7000. Lot 3: 2.11 acres. £3500. Land at Near Park, Nr Black Torrington. Pasture and amenity woodland 11.23 acres. £17,750 (£1581/acre). (Kivells)

DYFED (160.91 acres).

Land at Goitre Fawr, Llanboidy. Accommodation land. £354,000 (£2200/acre). (Bob Jones-Prytherch & Co)

LANCASHIRE (61.11 acres).

Perrymoor, Wennington, Nr Lancaster. Livestock rearing farm. Farmhouse (4-bed) adjoining stone barn, modern and traditional farm buildings and pasture within a ring fence. £251,000 (£4107/acre) (Richard Turner & Son)

LANCASHIRE (99.72 acres).

The High Farm, Arkholme, Nr Carnforth. Dairy farm. House (4-bed), traditional and modern dairy buildings for 100 cows, milk quota 634,685 litres and pasture within a LFA. £450,000 (£4513/acre). (Richard Turner & Son)


Land at Ravensthorpe, Nr Northampton. Arable land. Lot 1: Land and 3.62 acres of oak woodland 20 acres. £61,000 (£3050/acre). Lot 2: 24 acres. £71,000 (£2958/acre). (Howkins & Harrison)

NORTHUMBERLAND (22.50 acres).

Land at Brockalee, Bardon Mill, Nr Haltwhistle. Accommodation land. £68,000 (£3022/acre). (Clark Scott-Harden)

NORTHUMBERLAND (64.02 acres).

Land and Woodland at Summerrods, Nr Hexham. Grassland 54.95 acres, woodland 8 acres and plantation 1.07 acres. £193,000 (£3015/acre). (Clark Scott-Harden)

SHROPSHIRE (76 acres).

Land at Cruckton, Nr Shrewsbury. Permanent pasture. £340,000 (£4474/acre). (Halls)

WARWICKSHIRE (28.04 acres).

Land at Princethorpe, Nr Southam. Lot 1: Arable land 5.73 acres. £25,000.Lot 2: Arable and pasture 22.31 acres. £52,000 (£2331/acre). (Howkins & Harrison)

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