Archive Article: 1997/10/31

31 October 1997

Visitors to one Lincolnshire farm sale last week were, quite

literally, seeing red when the cattle went through the ring…

Watching intently…Tom Brooks established the herd in 1961 with his father. Its nice to see theres still the interest in the native breeds, Mr Brooks said after the auction.

For whom the bell tolls… Lorna Newboult of the breed society and Brian Papworth of auctioneers Masons. The Lincoln Reds stronghold remains in, yes you guessed, Lincolnshire – but as Mrs Newboult says, its also to be found farther afield. Stock from this auction went to the surrounding counties, as well as Scotland and the Isle of Man.

The venue was Julians Farm, Kelstern, Louth – and on offer was the Brooks herd of pedigree Lincoln Red cattle. With almost 100 head catalogued, this marked a rare opportunity for enthusiasts of the Red to choose from such a big selection available in one place at one time.

Devotees of this old-established breed talk of its mothering abilities, its docility, its low maintenance and suitability for crossing. In the past, it was even kept to beautify estates with its distinctive, cherry-red coat.

This was a day when, among the cows, nine topped the 600gns-mark. And the average for 36 head, ranging from three to 13-years-old, was £551. First calf heifers reached 670gns. Among the younger stock, yearling and April 1997-born heifers made to 570gns and 410gns, respectively.

Among the buyers was Jane Stanley from nearby Bourne who, with her husband, is just starting out in Reds. They snapped up two in-calf heifers at 670gns and 530gns.

Auctioneer David Williams of Masons, eyes peeled for a bid…

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