Aventis sticking up two fingers

18 October 2000

Aventis ‘sticking up two fingers’

BIOTECHNOLOGY company Aventis is “daily sticking two fingers up at the Government and the consumer”, claims John Ingham of the Daily Express.

Mr Ingham says the companys refusal to give evidence at a public hearing considering a GM maize variety smacks of arrogance and contempt.

The 10-week hearing considers the application by Aventis for its Chardon LL fodder maize variety to be added to the National Seed List.

This legal hurdle must be crossed before a variety can be grown commercially.

Nearly 70 objectors are raising their complaints in person, but Aventis is relying on written evidence and approvals already given.

Mr Ingham says GM technology could one day benefit farmers, consumers and the Third World.

But at present the public feels it is “being trampled in the rush for profit by big business”.

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