Bale/wrap all in one

22 December 2000

Bale/wrap all in one

HOLLANDs farmers now realise that it is quicker to bale and wrap in one operation that use two separate machines, hence the upsurge in the popularity of the baler wrapper.

Latest contender for what could become a lucrative market in other parts of Europe is Taarup which used the RAI show to launch a new version which performs its bale forming and wrapping operations in the same area.

A fixed chamber machine bales with diameters of 1.2m are formed conventionally. When made, the bale is net-wrapped before the top half of the chamber is raised to allow film to be applied from two satellite-type film dispensers. The dispensers rotate on a large geared ring as the bale is turned on the bale chambers lower rollers.

Once wrapped the rollers are lowered hydraulically to allow the bale to exit on to the ground. The top half of the chamber is then lowered and baling can commence once more. Critics who might say that having a combined wrapper baler using the same chamber reduces output are countered by Taarup, which points out that the twin wrapping arms rotate at 50 rpm and the task is performed in seconds. The company says that outputs in excess of 40 bales/hour are possible.

Available in limited numbers for next season, price of the baler/ wrapper will be less than buying separate machines, says the firm. &#42

This Taarup machine employs the same chamber for both wrapping and bale formation.

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