BASF now UKs biggest

6 October 2000

BASF now UK’s biggest

By FWi staff

GERMAN chemical giant BASFs acquisition of Cyanamid Agriculture for $3.8bn, puts it in first place in terms of sales within the UK, says the companys Tony Grayburn.

The deal, concluded on 1 July, will put BASF in third spot globally behind Syngenta and Aventis, once Novartiss Twist fungicide business is divested,

The move expands BASFs UK range from 35 to 70 products, creating a year-round portfolio.

A new graminicide, two new cereal herbicides plus new herbicides for beet and rape are planned for next year.

For 2002 next-generation strobilurin F500 promises a 0.5t/ha yield boost over existing strobilurins, according to 39 UK trials this year.

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