Beastly booster for start in life

24 October 1997

Beastly booster for start in life

CALVES given a dose of Rotatect Plus in the first 12 hours of life should thrive and grow quickly, according to supplier Agrilink.

It says the product contains a nutritional supplement of essential vitamins, B-complexes, and the chelated trace elements copper, manganese, zinc and selenium. It also has a probiotic to aid gut motility, and polyclonal antibodies for main strains of rotavirus, coronovirus, E coli and salmonella, helping to boost the calfs immune system.

A 15g tube of Rotatect Plus for oral administration costs £9.25, and is also available as a whole milk booster for bucket fed calves from 0 to 14 days. A six-calf pack costs £72 (01743-355656).

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