Besson unveils its mounted plough

12 March 1999

Besson unveils its mounted plough

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PLOUGH manufacturer Gregoire Besson, on home territory at the Sima show, presented visitors with first glimpse of a new six-furrow mounted plough that can be operated from in-furrow and on-land driving positions.

The HRPW B7 (5+1) is available in a number of specifications including manual or hydraulic furrow width, shearbolt or hydraulic reset protection, and with or without electronic management.

For on-land ploughing, a hydraulic ram pushes the headstock across in to an offset position. Crawlers and dual-wheeled tractors up to 200hp can be used with the plough, says Besson.

One of the ploughs more innovative systems is to be found in the depth wheel department. Unlike most reversible ploughs which employ single depth wheels to topple into position when the plough is rotated, the HRPW B7 has two – one for each direction.

But why? The main advantage of this system is that the wheels can be reset in horizontal to allow the plough to be transported in a semi-mounted position – reducing the loading on the top link which could, in some travelling conditions, exceed safe limits with such a long and heavy plough.

Price of the HRPW B7 is about £19,500, depending on specification.

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